Riding elevators with snipers

What happened to our children

To make them afraid of safe places

What happened to our lost friends

To make us turn a blind eye

What happened to concert goers

To cause them to scream in fear, not fun

What happened to our mentally ill

To push them this far

What happened to our worshipers

To lay them motionlessly between pews

What happened to those who are hurting

So much they hurt others

What happened to our politicians

To make them make pawns of seventeen lives

What happened to make riding elevators with snipers



Do you ever turn the ring on your showerhead

Until it isn’t water

But thousand of needles

Striking your back

And stand under the needles as they tattoo the hurt of humanity across your skin.



The day the rain soaked the earth so deeply it had to spit the water back out for fear of drowning

You told me that I made you feel warm

I thought that was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard

Until I realized you felt warm

Because I was freezing.


Our Kitchen

With our innocent kisses,
And our nerdy jests.
We started off delichious,
Laughs echoed from our chests.

Soon I was swept,
My feet high off the ground.
We were falling, crashing, wrecked,
Hopes of sanity drowned.

As I fell for you, hard,
You grew sweeter by the day.
Like a grape from God’s orchard,
You became the richest Chardonnay.

This fit was better than fiction,
Warm and snug like a glove.
You built us a kitchen,
Out of sheets and out of love.

Your smile lights my life,
And you never fail to find mine.
You’re more gorgeous than island Tenerife,
I’m floating away on cloud nine.

Smiling, we cried

Originally published in the book “All At Once I Saw My Colors”

His mind went first, and his body followed
Knowing and wanting it to be the end

His body wracked by hundreds of bombs
Masquerading as cancer
Watching him die was like
Watching a flower wilt

My shoulders mimicked his as they fell for the last time
And together we let out a final breath
Months of air had been sucked raspily from this room
This life
With one exhale the air returned

All at once he was there and not
Sitting, waiting, watching then
Smiling, we cried