We Dance

We dance on mountains
Rising high like abandoned balloons
We chase the clouds
Like the birds that travel up and
down the earth
We sing loud
Like cicadas in summer

Abandoned balloons
Dance up to the clouds
Glinting off the sun as it melts them
They rise, smiling, up to that hot mess
Of gas and flames
As the mylar crinkles put in place by a child deepen and become permanent
No longer abandoned balloons but
Wrinkled balls of aluminum
The air is gone now
But the balloons float up still
Forever chasing the warmth of the sun

We run
With wet shoes and drenched spirits
Our toes grasping at the soaked earth
Our minds searching for the answer
The streetlights make stars of spraying water
Shooting from spigots across the park
We dance through midnight sepia rainbows
Wet grass clinging to our ankles
Slowly the world melts
As ice water washes the pain from our skin

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